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Watch Dark Phoenix Full Movie: Today, Monday May 28th, the international day of X-Men is celebrated and that is why the pre-sale to watch the last movie begins. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is ​​the end of the story starring Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.

Dark Phoenix

The film tells the story of Jean Gray, one of the most beloved characters of X-Men, since it evolves until it becomes the iconic Dark Phoenix. During a mission in space, Jean is struck by the cosmic force and becomes one of the most powerful mutants.

Jean Gray is out of control and the X-Men must face the most feared enemy, one of their own. Jean will fight against her interior that unleashes powers in ways she can not control. The family collapses and we will have to see how they will be saved.

The pre-sale is available in the main national cinemas to see the expected film on June 6. That day we will witness the outcome of the great X-Men saga.

The X-Men saga consists of eleven films, 2000 premiered the first and Dark Phoenix closes the success stories. On the eve of this last film, 20th Century Fox made a video that reviews the films.

After several delays in its release date due to the fact that some scenes had to be re-shot, Dark Phoenix will premiere on June 7 in cinemas around the world. However, analysts already estimate that it will have the lowest premiere at the box office of any X-Men movie.

Experts estimate that the film will raise an average of $ 50 million dollars on its first weekend in the United States. Which is not a bad number for many movies, but it would be the lowest amount of collection for one of the X-Men movies, which have reached recordings of $ 90 million dollars as in the case of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The main reason why it is believed that it will go wrong at the box office, is because the previous films of the franchise had been released during a holiday weekend in the United States. But it will not be the case with Dark Phoenix. So far, the film of the franchise that has worsened at the box office during its first weekend was the Wolverine 2013 with $ 53 million.

In addition, with the purchase of Fox from Disney, it is likely to be the last time we see the characters. That would have lowered fans’ interest in the characters. Although the last official X-Men movie of the company will be that of New Mutants.

We will have to see if the film suffers for the same reasons in the rest of the world. Are you interested in seeing it? Here you can check your final trailer.

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